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Bhrigu Vishwa Shanti Message

Have we ever asked the question, "Does a river get tired of giving water to thirsty souls?", "Does earth ever get tired of people walking over it?", "Does fire ever get tired of people cooking over it?", "Does air ever get tired of blowing around in the form of wind or people breathing it to sustain their lives?", "Does space ever get tired of people using it to create something?". The answer is "No"

The five elements just keep on giving.Never tiring, always giving. Silence is their very nature in whatever activity they do. They do this activity irrespective of caste, creed, religion - practicing equality to all. Read More

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2015 Spiritual Events
  • Apr 22

    Bhrigu Ashram Event

    Apr 22, 2015
    Shukla Panchami
    Shiva Sahasranaam Abhishek

  • May 03

    Bhrigu Ashram Event

    May 03, 2015
    Buddha Poornima
    Vishnu Sahasranaam Poojan

  • May 08

    Bhrigu Ashram Event

    May 08, 2015
    Krishna Panchami
    Shiva Sahasranaam Abhishek

  • May 09

    Bhrigu Ashram Event

    May 09, 2015
    California Event
    Divine Satsang followed by Lunch.

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OM || Through the two physical eyes you see the diversity in unity (duality). Through the spiritual eye (third eye) you see the unity in diversity. You have to close your eyes, only then you really begin to see the play of consciousness || Meditate, Meditate, Meditate...strive to meditate daily with love and devotion. This is the path to eternal freedom ...... || Hold on to the silence that follows after the meditation. Established in this inner Silence do your daily duties for the day || A restless breath signifies a restless mind; a calm breath signifies a calm mind || A peaceful mind can accomplish anything || OM

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